You are warmly welcome to fabulous sauna treatments. Sauna treatments are always done according to the needs and wishes of the customer. Sauna treatments support well-being and pamper all the senses of the customer.

Trained sauna therapist is here for You and serves You with a big heart.

Sauna treatments for two people:

  • Full clean =timber species, which leaves no bark when peeling. More commonly known as cleansing sauna (In summer we collect herbs; learn what the plants tell you about health. Rita Apuli’s Puhdistussauna-book is used for guidance.) Otherwise the treatment consists of herb bundle massage, full body wash with a birch soap, full body birch peeling, birch face pack, birch sauna broom.
  • Farewell kiss sauna = farewell to one leaving for log floating. Wash massage with a rose soap, sweetgrass/juniper meaning Midsummer night footbath, clay facial treatment, birch sauna broom.
  • Suede reindeer sauna full body wash with a peat-tar soap, honey/olive oil/coffee grounds peeling. Removes cellulite and increases metabolism. Sauna coffee available, if so desired.
  • Return kiss – sauna =Greeting to the one returning from the log floating. Wash with a tar bar soap, body peeling with a Salt of life, clay facial treatment, Virta-serum for face (mint).
  • Back sauna treatment full body wash with a birch soap, wash massage to the back with a Salt of life, birch sauna broom. The Most Beautiful Spring Foot bath; meadowsweet, birch resin leaf.

Sauna treatments for 3-8 pers.

  • Sleeping Beauty’s sauna = Rose sauna. Full-body wash with rose bar soap, hair wash with rose shampoo / rose conditioner, rose peeling for body. Cold foot bath with Women’s Strength (aka petal of a rose, absolut-rose-etheric, petal of a cloudberry). Rose serum and rose water for face. Rose tea to top things off.
  • Sea buckthorn sauna. Full body wash with a sea buckthorn soap. Hair wash with sea buckthorn shampoo and conditioner. Cold foot bath with powdered sea buckthorn. For a drink sea buckthorn juice.
  • Cindarella stress relief treatment sauna with peat-tar soap wash. Honey-salt mixture on joints, ash if necessary. Sheet around the body, clay mask for the face and invigorating touch of birch sauna broom.

2 pers./50 €/pers.

3-5 pers./55 €/pers.

6-8 pers. 50 €/pers.


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