Cupping therapy is an ancient form of traditional medicine, and it improves blood circulation and removes waste products from the capillary. Cupping therapy is available all year round on request, except during the so called dog days (23.7-23.8). We recommed two cupping therapy session per year (spring and autumn). Smallest period between treatments: 3 months.

Cupping therapy includes a warm-up in sauna with bath broom, skin disinfection, so called dry cupping / the planning of the suction points and small cuts with a surgeon knife. 

Cupping (emptying 2-3 times during the treatment). There can be approx. 20-30 cups on a body at one time. Blood is removed approx 300-600 ml per treatment. After the cupping skin is washed and wounds disinfected. In the end the customer washes his/her body with Uitto lakeside sauna products. Cupping is a solo treatment. Please bring your own towel and water bottle. Sauna and cupping accelerate metabolism. To whom cupping is suitable? People with neck and shoulder pains, blood circulatory problems meaning numbness of limbs, migraine tendency, high blood pressure, different kinds of skin problems, rashes, acne, abscesses, psoriasis etc. Not to Marevan-patients or pregnant women. Other contraindications are, among others, difficult heart disease, haemophilia, in some cases DM (elderly person whose wounds won’t heal). Notably low blood pressure or anemia.   

Towel rental 7,00€/towel
Duration of the cupping is approx. 1,5 h / Price 90,00 €
Price includes sauna, bath brooming, skin and hair wash.
Sauna drink: berry juice and water

Cupper Nea Oikarinen is a member of Finnish cuppers & sauna therapists.


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