You are warmly welcome to the Sweet treatments. Treatments utilize chocolate and coconut.

The treatment is always personalized according to the needs and wishes of the customer. These treatments enhance well-being and pamper the customer’s senses. The good combo of chocolate and coconut, treatments pampering all the senses. Sweet treatments treat thoroughly, relax and smoothen the skin. Trained sauna therapist is here for You and serves You in sauna with a big heart.    

Alternative treatments:

  • Chocolaty Dream. Your body is massaged with warm organic chocolate-mixture, coconut can be added if needed. Price 70,00 €/pers. The client can add a chocolate-orange facial. Price 20,00 €.
  • Tropical wind. Coconut from head to toe; massage body peeling, coconut wash coconut shampoo/conditioner. 70,00 €/pers.
  • Dry cupping (coconut/salt/suction cups) 70,00 €/pers.
  • Hot stone massage 70,00 €.
  • Bamboo stick massage with coconut oil. Strengthens connective tissue, smoothes skin, treats deeply and relaxes 70,00 €/pers.
  • Lumberjack’s head massage 45,00 €/pers. (duration approx. 45 min)

For more information on treatments and their contents call directly to the Sauna therapist tel. 050 339 00 22.
Up to date information you’ll receive on our Facebook-page Treatment Center Susannea


Sweet treatments are available all year round by request.

Please bring your own towel and water bottle. Remember to hydrate before and after sauna. Sweet treatments treat thoroughly, relax and smoothen the skin. Metabolism is activated. Discuss with a nurse if you’re pregnant.   

Towels for rent 7,00 €/towel.

Service languages are Finnish and English.


050 339 00 22