We bid you a warm welcome to the Magic of Peat -sauna treatments. Sauna treatments are always done according to the needs and wishes of the customer. Peat treatments support well-being and pamper customer’s every sense.

Trained sauna therapist is for You and serves You in sauna with a big heart. Peat treats skin gently and cleans softly, but it also treats the mind by removing stress. Peat treatment is authentic form of traditional medicine. Peat helps with rheumatic issues, relieves muscle tensions and stimulates local blood circulation. Peat has a beneficial effect also on rashes (acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, especially scalp treatment). Skin will become elastic and soft. Peat can also be used as part of poultice treatment to treat sore shoulder or sprained ankle, for instance. Hormonally peat treatment helps with menopausal problems and hormonal cellulite. We utilize peat from the Polar Health and Lehto Peat companies. 

Alternative peat saunas:

The kiss of swamp peat sauna for a couple: total 80 € (price includes special celebration drink/herbal tea and additional surprise for the two of you. You can also get a picture from the benches if you so desire.)
• The power of wilderness, luxus treatment: foot peat poultice with the “extra spice” of your choice, The Whisper of Heather-sparkling wine, wild herb salad. Caramelized angelica/or wild herb pannacotta. Etheric heather in a scent lamp. 90 € /pers. Ideal group size is 4-6 pers.    
Design by Erä-Elli/Susannea
• The scent of swamp Group peat 30 €/pers., min.3/max 8 pers. Duration approx. 2 h. Peat alternatives: regular, chocolate. Queen (honey), Snow queen (salt, honey, notice allergy threat), Snow White (salt)

• Lap= lumberjack’s favorite place full-body peat poultice 85 €/pers., 1-2 customers can be at the same time. 1,5 h reserved for poultice treatment; you’re in poultice approx. 40 min.
• Baby’s peat bath 30 € (duration 20-30 min.)

For more information on sauna treatments and their contents call directly to the Sauna therapist tel. 050 339 00 22. Up to date information you’ll receive on our Facebook-page Treatment Center Susannea

The Magic of Peat -sauna treatments are available all year round by request. Peat sauna always includes the usage of peat and water and/or berry juice for a sauna drink.

Please bring your own towel and water bottle. Sauna accelerates metabolism. Enjoy liquids before and after sauna.

Towels for rent, 7.00€/towel.


050 339 00 22